“I must tell you I just love your Pine Tar Soap.  I’ve been using it for bath and shampoo for about two years now and I just won’t have anything else.  I used a castille soap for over a decade, but I’ve found that your product doesn’t dry my skin or my hair to the same degree.  And I love the old-time smell.  Most commercial soaps are too perfumed – just plain stinky if you ask me. ” - Albany, NY

“I bought a cake of Grandpa from a friend of mine.  My hair began to fall out after an operation and I was going bald.  You should see my hair now!  It looks like it did when I was 20 years old, beautiful, except it is white now.  I am 57 years young.” - Auburn, IN

“Our family is truly enjoying Grandpa’s Tar Soap. Head and body really does seem to get cleaner! I talked them into giving it a try and now they don’t care for any other soap. Seems to keep the body odor smell down and our hair maintains more of a natural, undry poofed out feel to it. Thanks and I figure if you’ve been creating this for over 100 years it has to be good. Amazing how the heavy smell does not say on your body. Great Soap!” - Ballground, GA

“I have just tried Grandpa’s Wonder Pine Tar Soap.  I am pleased at the results that I get when I use it in the bathtub.  When I get through, after washing, I have noticed in the water the soap is taking off all the dry skin – leaving my skin soft.  Some of my body was itching and your soap takes care of that also. ” - Bartlett, IL

“As a swimmer who uses the pool four or five times a week throughout the year, I often have a chlorine problem with my hair.  Using your Grandpa’s Pine Tar Shampoo has kept my hair more manageable than any other cleansing product that I had hither to use.  ” - Blue Ash, OH

“ Our family has been using your Pine Tar Wonder Soap for over 5 years now exclusively.  It is truly “wonderful” and a great way to stay clean and healthy.  From the woods and swamps of North Florida (where we used to live) to the mountains and valleys of Central Colorado (where we now live) Grandpa’s Wonder Pine Tar Soap has served us very well.  It keeps the small critters off and leaves us clean and good smelling.  Thank you so much for a good product! ” - Buena Vista, CO

“Since I’ve been using your Pine Tar Shampoo, I have found that I no longer need a conditioner!  This not only saves me money, but shelf space as well. ” - Buford, SC

“ You can always find Grandpa’s Soap in my house – so clean and pure – leaves your hair silky.   ” - Caroga Lake, NY

“I am a believer! I’ve been a clean eater and a active person my entire life, but in the last year I’ve developed some pretty severe acne. NOTHING I tried made it go away, and often irratated it worse. Last night, I bought your Thylox sulfur soap on advice of a friend, and in two washes my face is CLEAR. I’m so grateful for this wonderful product and it’s amazing company. I will be a customer from now on!” - Clever, MO

“Grandpa’s Pine Tar Shampoo works great as a liquid hand soap!  I was concerned it would take a lot to rinse off – not true.  It rinsed very easily.   Also it made my hands feel cool and left them smelling clean – almost antiseptic.  I think the Shampoo doubles perfectly as a liquid soap.  Thanks. ” - Cincinnati, OH

“ My wife and I use your pine tar soap religiously both as a soap and shampoo.  In our opinion, no soap leaves us feeling cleaner or makes that feeling last as long.  We often recommend Grandpa’s to friends or give bars as gifts.  Thank you for making such a good product.  We will continue to use and recommend Grandpa’s as long as you continue to sell it. ” - Claremont, CA

“Before I have my breakfast tomorrow I’ll have to wash my hands.  Of course it will be with my favorite soap: Grandpa’s Pine Tar Wonder Soap!  What a way to start a new day!  I like it so much I tend to use a lot and keep it in stock.  I’m a bicycle commuter and in the summer it gets really hot out.  I always look forward to the refreshing shower that awaits me on my return home.  The box the soap comes in is quite eye-catching and it is a pleasure to use.  Keep up the great work! ” - Conroe, TX

“I have dry skin and it had been years since I had been able to wash my face with soap and water. I thought your soap was worth a try. I’m delighted with results. There is no feeling of tightness or dryness.” - Dallas, TX

“I am probably one of the last hold-outs for a straight razor.  If you want a good shave, you have to start with a good soaping before the shaving soap.  Most commercial soaps don’t soften beards.  Grandpa is good.  I also like it because if you get your hands really dirty and you need a good stout soap, it does an excellent cleaning job. ” - Derby, KS

“I have been a customer and user of your wonderful Pine Tar Soap now for about a year.  It is invigorating and wonderful for showers, and I truly hope this product remains on the market for a long and prosperous time.  Thanks for this soap. ” - Eugene, OR

“Your Pine Tar Soap is by far the very best I have ever used.  I don’t think I ever want to use anything else on my hair again and I use it in the shower and at the sink as well.  I leaves no “soap scum” in my tub and I have never felt cleaner. ” - Frisco, CO

“Your pine tar soap has been used by my husband’s family for many years.  It’s the only soap he’s not allergic to.  My skin is also very sensitive and I was very glad when he introduced it to me. ” - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“ I want you to know I remember your soap when I was walking and able to say my name.  Your soap was used in my family years back for body and  hair.  I’m now 71 and I remember those Pine Tar baths and shampoos as I grew up.  I drifted away, but now I’m back to you.  I received your soap today and I have the odor of your soap on my hands cause I held the boxes in my hand and couldn’t stop smelling the odor.  It’s one healthy smelling soap.  You’ve been around since 1878.  Well, I’ve been around since 1923.  I’m back with you again. ” - Hackensack, NJ

“For many years, I’ve used Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap and wanted to write to say thank you for producing such a fine product.  Grandpa’s is most helpful to me in the kitchen.  I cook with fresh garlic, onions, peppers, and other pungent ingredients and these odors can be difficult to remove from my hands as well as the wooden cutting board.  The Pine Tar Soap cuts the odor out very nicely from both.  I’ve used your product since I was a teenager and hope to encourage “Grandpa’s” soapmakers to keep manufacturing it as I plan to keep using it until I can’t cook and clean anymore.  That will be a long time since I’m only 35 years old now.   Thank you again, and keep up the good work! ” - Hancock, MA

“ It’s a wonderful soap, with a good, masculine scent.  A child once told me that it smells like “Fall” and I’d have to concur.  I love it! ” - Hazard, KY

“I have enjoyed your Pine Tar Soap for many years.  The soap is the best shampoo I have ever used in my 82 years.  So many of the good things of the past are gone – please keep on making Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap. ” - Henrietta, MO

“I’m enjoying Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap so much. It is the best soap I’ve found in 13 years. I’ve been searching for a soap that agrees with my skin. I’ve also started to use it as a shampoo and it’s better than the one I have been using.” - Hinton, WV

“Several years ago, I was introduced to your Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap through a relative.  We have two Shar-Pei dogs which are kept in the house.  After using many different types of shampoo recommended by the veterinarian for their skin, we have found that your soap does the best job.  It leaves them smelling fresh and makes their coats soft and shiny.  Also, my husband just loves the refreshing feeling he gets from using it in the shower. ” - Independence, KY

There simply is no better way to cleanse your beard. Use the bar, and lather it up like you would any soap. Pine tar is amazing on the skin, and won’t strip your beard’s natural oils. Grandpa’s Pine Tar has been around for over 100 years, and the company is family owned. Five star recommendation, full review coming soon.   www.jackpassion.com

Beard Champion loves Pine Tar Soap!” -

“I have been using Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap since I was a little girl. My father was a machinist and he used everything to get his hands clean but nothing worked. Then one day someone told my mother about Grandpa’s Tar Soap. From that time on my father had no problem getting his hands clean. She also started using it on all of us washing our hair. At that time I was about 7 or 8 years old. I am now 78. I shampoo my hair with Grandpa’s Tar Soap and have ever since my mother first brought it home and have always had very beautiful hair.” - Keene, NH

“I’m a blonde, my husband is dark-headed and your Shampoo leaves both of our hair extra clean and shiny! ” - Knoxville, TN

“I remember as a child we always had Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap and use it for practically everything from cleaning and disinfecting to helping all medical problems of the skin.  Also, for poison ivy – to preventing it and curing it. ” - Lebanon, OH

“I heard many good things about your soap so I decided to try it on my horse for some skin conditions.  After a couple of weeks I noticed a remarkable difference in my horse’s skin.  Thank you. ” - Massillon, OH

“My aunt suggested I use your soap for my oily skin and scalp, and I have found amazing results!  It not only worked better than the brand I was using, but in my hard well water, I used less of Grandpa’s Soap with better results. ” - Middlesboro, KY

“ I find it to be a fine shower soap with an enjoyable fragrance and superb lathering qualities without being drying to the skin. ” - Minneapolis, MN

“I am 69 years old and grew up using your soap.  I was raised back in the Smoky Mountains by my grandparents and they knew what a good product Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap was.  We couldn’t always get to town to buy shampoo, so Grandma would take a knife and shave tiny slivers of soap, mix with warm water, and we had our own shampoo.  It worked just great. ” - Morristown, TN

“I am writing to tell you how much I enjoy your products, especially the Pine Tar Shampoo.  My boyfriend, who is very much into Native American things, got me into using your products, and everywhere we go, people comment on my beautiful hair.  I have long golden (not blond) hair-natural. ” - Mt. Vernon, WA

“I am presently 81 years of age and have been using Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap all of those years (my mother before me).  As a shampoo, it makes my hair so shiny and clean. ” - N. Hollywood, CA

“It’s the best soap in the world for bathing.  It’s so mild, and the lather is rich.  I like the clean, natural scent.  It smells wonderful!  In a world where most soaps contain harsh anti-bacterial chemicals and smell like cheap perfume, Grandpa’s Soap is truly unique! ” - New Castle, DE

“I’ve never felt more refreshed after a shower and my hair just shines!  Your Pine Tar Soap is just great. ” - Newton Hamilton, PA

“What a great soap!  The air around me is wonderfully scented with pine tar, the result of twice daily ablutions.  A large pine tree flipped over on me in the woods last week crushing my legs and confining me to a wheelchair (miraculously I am unbroken), but it has given me cause to reach for those old-timey remedies of healing thyself, of which your soap is an integral part.  Some might call the fragrance unsubtle, but tough times call for tough comforts, and the black bar and I are inseparable. ” - Newton, MA

“When I was about 30 years old I started losing my hair.  My barber suggested I use Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap for shampooing.  I am now 60 years old and thanks to your soap I still have my hair.  It has never been thick but at least I still have it. ” - North Little Rock, AR

“ I’ve been using your Shampoo for over 3 months and it leaves my hair very clean and more manageable.  It gives my hair more body and leaves it feeling fuller.  Thanks for such a fine product. ” - Olpe, KS

“Amazing Soap.  My husband was losing so much hair when I finally remembered long ago hearing about Grandpa’s Soap.  He started using it and later he was getting his hair back!  Now he keeps using your wonderful soap every shampoo – me too.  Love it.  Thanks!  Thanks! ” - Olympia, WA

“I just want to say that Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap is the best soap in the world.  It gets my skin so very clean of dirt and impurities, and whenever I shower using Grandpa’s, I feel so fresh and invigorated.  Thank you for making such a wonderful product. ” - Phoenix, AZ

“I want you to know I’ve been using a  face soap for over 35 years.  Well, I used your Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap – showered and shampooed my hair, used it on my face.  What  a wonderful soap.  There are no words to express how good I feel and look.  I’m 63 and pass for 48 years old.  Now, your Soap  gives me a look of radiance, really and truly, a sort of glow in my cheeks.  I’m telling all my friends about your wonderful soap. ” - Pinellas Park, FL

“I’m a member of the Division I Varsity Mens Tennis Team here at the University of Pittsburgh.  Having to take two showers a day I’ve found that Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap is the only soap that leaves me clean without drying my skin.  Plus the pleasant fragrance is very masculine.  I think you have an excellent product and use it exclusively. ” - Pittsburgh, PA

“I think I can blame Grandpa’s Wonder Pine Tar Soap for my increased water bills! I know that one lathering is quite enough to get clean with this soap, but that creamy lather feels so good on my hair, and the aroma is so refreshing, that I find myself washing all over again before I can stand to turn off the water! Even though the water here is hard, it still makes the richest lather!” - Prague, Czechoslovakia

“My husband and I live in a hand-hewn log cabin in the bluffs of Wisconsin.  Last month we purchased a bar of your Pine Tar Soap thinking it would “look cool” and become a conversation piece in our guest bathroom.  Well, that was then and this is now.  Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap smells great, feels great; and as someone’s great-great-great grandmother must have said “and it’s all you need for all your cleaning needs”.  ” - Prairie du Sac, WI

“I work as an asphalt oil distributor and the only soap I’ve found that will take off the oil is your Pine Tar Soap.  I’ve tried other brands of Pine Tar Soap, but none have compared to yours. ” - Preston, ID

“Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap is a wonderful product.  The combination of its generous lathering, old time smell and cleaning ability seems to be lost in today’s “modern” soaps. ” - Princeton, MN

“You have a fine soap.  One feels clean and fresh after use.  I use as a shampoo too.  I’ll be 88 this year and have used Grandpa Soap for many of these years. ” - Salem, AL

“I am writing to comment on your Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap.  It is really wonderful!  I just love it!  I love the way it lathers and smells with its invigorating natural pine tar fragrance!  It leaves my skin feeling really clean and fresh!  Also it cleans my hair and acts like a shampoo leaving my hair smelling fresh and clean, too!  I have never used any soap quite like Grandpa’s.  It is simply the best soap ever and my favorite too! ” - Salisbury, MD

“I have many allergies, to put it mildly, to chemically based products and after showering and washing my hair one time with Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap, I felt and smelled the difference.  My body was clean and fresh smelling and my hair was full and thicker looking.  No allergic reaction whatsoever. ” - San Diego, CA

“I just love the smell of your soap and the way it lathers so nice and white.  I always enjoy using it! ” - San Diego, CA

“I like to give my gardening friends stocking-stuffer gifts – packets of seeds, a bottle of liquid plant food, a ball of good garden twine.  This year, they’re going to get a bar of Grandpa’s Wonder Pine Tar Toilet Soap.  I’ve used this stuff all my life, and no other soap does a better job of taking grass and weed stains off my hands.  It also has a soothing effect on thorn nicks and nettle stings.  After a long, cold, wet day in the garden, I fill the tub with hot water, and soak and lather (the soap’s odor is almost medicinal); once I dry off, I feel clean as a cowboy on Saturday night.  I’ve even used it on our dog and she emerges flea-free. ” - Seattle, WA

“Everyone in our family loves Grandpa’s Soap.  My younger daughter would ask for Grandpa at bath time when she was only two years old.  I put it in the same category with bagpipe music and fruitcake. It’s hard to explain why you love it–but you do.” - Seattle,WA

“As you already have probably heard, your soap is great for the body and hair, but did you know it makes a great laundry soap.  I hand wash my clothes with a loofah sponge.  Pine Tar Soap lathers well, and after soaking, I rinse several times.  It seems to remove odor and clothes come clean and bright.” - Slade, KY

“Your soap lathers well, deodorizes naturally, and cleans completely without leaving the user sticky or dry.” - Summit, MS

“A friend told me that she has received wonderful help from using your Pine Tar Soap.  So, I tried it and found she is absolutely right!  This soap is a great moisturizer! ” - Tampa, FL

“ I’ve been purchasing your Pine Tar Soap for years (my mother used it on my hair when I was a young girl) and I ran across your liquid Pine Tar Shampoo last week.  Although I will continue to use your bar soap, I will also be using your liquid shampoo.  My friends tell me how shiny my hair looks, and I told them about your product.  (” - Tampa, FL

“ I want to tell you how much I enjoy your Grandpa’s Wonder Pine Tar Soap.  It did something for me almost like a miracle.  I had tried every soap and none did what yours did.  I was having a problem with body odor.  I have to take insulin and a bunch of different medicines.  About 5 years ago I started having this problem and was miserable.  I searched and searched for the perfect soap, and then I found Grandpa.  My prayers were answered.  Your soap has changed my life.  I can hold my head up again – maybe make a few new friends.  From someone who loves and needs your soap. ” - Toledo, OH

“I live in a cottage on a lake in the woods of northern Michigan and your soap gives my bathroom the woodsy smell I love.  The high iron content of my well water is no problem with the lather I get from Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap. ” - Traverse City, MI

“My husband who has very sensitive skin, has tried almost every soap on the market.  But only the Pine Tar Soap works for him.    ” - Vicksburg, MA

“Last Fall my Brittany Spaniel hunting dog had an encounter with a skunk.  After considering all the remedies – tomato juice, etc., I thought what about Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap.  So, we sudsed him down real good with warm water and Grandpa.  Then rinsed him off.  When he was dry the smell was absolutely gone.  My wife can smell skunk a mile away.  She came home from work and walked within 3 feet of him and never said a word.  It was awesome!  Thank you.  A 2nd generation user. ” - Worthington, MN